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Hands-Free EMS Sessions

Eve offers hands-free EMS therapy, by connecting its electrodes to fixed electrode pads at strategic muscle points on the face.

This relaxed experience for the patient, and effortless treatment for the aesthetician, results in an effective muscle practice, with apparent skin lifting results.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

The Eve Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) function offers a ‘training session’ for the facial muscles in the lower half of the face, which are in hypo tonus, in need of stimulation.

By delivering low voltage electric pulses to the motor points of these muscles, EMS sessions by Eve stimulate the release of the neuro-transmitter Acetylcholine (ACh) from the nerve endings. ACh then binds to receptors on the muscles’ membrane and triggers muscle contraction.

The repeated muscle contraction and relaxation over the treatment duration reactivate the muscle function, and consequently restore muscle tonus, resulting in a lifting and tightening effect.

4 Different EMS modes

Eve offers 4 EMS programs, differing from each other in the frequency and pattern of their electric pulses.

The flexible selection of EMS program and current intensity allow users to tailor an EMS session to the individual sensitivity of each patient, such that:

  • EMS by Eve effectively contracts the patient’s facial muscles.

  • The sensation of muscle contraction is comfortable for the patient for a duration of 5-10 minutes, as required for an impactful EMS session.

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