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Cynosure Palomar Icon 1064 HP

This low usage Palomar Icon 1064 HP was purchased from a one owner physician.  The physician closed down his aesthetics practice.  This device has been inspected and tested and is guaranteed to arrive in perfect working condition, to specification and ready for use.

  • 1064 Plus Puls Count: 2,647
  • Comfortably clears a variety of leg vessels, from the smaller red vessels to the larger blue reticular leg veins. This handpiece can also be used for laser hair removal on darker skin types.·       
  • Spot Size:1.5,3,6mm & optional 10MM for outside purchase ·       
  • Cut Off Filter:Nd-YAG·       
  • Wavelength:1064 nm·       
  • Pulsewidth:10-100 ms

Cynosure Palomar Icon 1064 HP

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