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2022 Quanta Light A Star - 1 Year Warranty Included

This 2022 Quanta Light A Star has been purchased from a single owner that did not go through clinical training with the manufacturer and the ND:Yag and Alex lasers have never been fired. The IPL was used by the owner on a few occasions and has only 2,493 original pulses. This "like new" system is guaranteed to arrive in excellent working condition and will have the option to go back under warranty with the OEM service group. Contact us today to discuss this unique opportunity!


Quant Light A Star w/ IPL

Date of Manufacture: 4 - 2022

Serial Number: LSE1056-XXXX

ND: Yag Pulse Count:  0

Alex Pulse Count:        0

IPL Pulse Count:          2,493

-Handpieces: Skin Cooler HP; 2-5mm Variable HP; 8mm HP;
12mm HP; 14mm HP; 16mm HP
-Operator Safety Eyewear
-Patient Safety Eyewear
-Power Cord (L630)
-IPL Interlock
-Water Fill and Drain Kit
-Operator Manual

2022 Quanta Light A Star - 1 Year Warranty Included

$74,875.00 Regular Price
$64,875.00Sale Price
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