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Sciton BBLs

This Sciton BBLs has been purchased from a private physician that took very good care of the equipment. The Sciton BBLs has the recent software applications, the unit has been fully refurbished by a certified service technician and is guaranteed to arrive in excellent working condition.


Sction BBLs

Date of Manufacture: 2016

Serial Number: 30xxx

Included Filters: 420, 515, 540, 560, 590, 640, 695, ST, ST II

Software: Forever Young, Forever Clear, Vascular, Pigmented Lesions, Hair Removal, Skin Tyte and Manual Mode

Included: BBL Delivery System, BBL Handpiece, Operator Manual, Remote Interlock, Emergency Stop Button, Power Cord and Key.


From Sciton:

Skin problems like skin laxity, dark spots, redness, or unwanted facial hair affect a large percentage of people. In the past, treatments for these issues were temporary, painful, or had inconsistent results. The Sciton BBL is an innovative form of light therapy that targets the signs of aging, sun damage, and other skin problems, resulting in a refreshed, rejuvenated look. BBL stands for “broadband light,” and is a noninvasive procedure that can help bring back your youthful skin.

How Does BBL Work?

Bright, clear, smooth skin is within reach with BBL treatment! BBL utilizes pulsing broadband light to offer photorejuvenation! Photothermal energy is also used to target veins and blood vessels and minimize their appearance in the skin.

Sciton BBLs

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