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Solta Clear & Brilliant Pelo 15'


Solta Clear and Brilliant Pelo

  • Date of Manufacture: 12-2015
  • Serial Number: 1040-0166
  • Shot Count - 230,295
  • Included: Diode handpiece, Cart, Handpiece holster, Footswitch, Fiber Pole, Power Cord and Remote Interlock.


Solta Clear and Brilliant Pelo Applications

  • Diode hair removal for skintypes I-VI
  • 50X15mm spot
  • Cooling crystal lens
  • Linear scanning technology combines high power density in the actual laser beam, for short pulses and high fluence.
  • A large treatment area for increased speed in treatment (scans a large area of 50mm x 15mm) with a small beam (1mm L x 15mm W).
  • Motion Control Technology allows energy to be delivered in 2-4 stacks. Covers up to 5 full applications in 3 passes.
  • Sophisticated predetermined settings for precise customization which are fully adjustable throughout the course of treatment.

Solta Clear & Brilliant Pelo 15'

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